Friday, June 25, 2010

More Flowers from Savage River Hike

Savage River Trail

We took a hike the other day to the savage river trail. The flower were really pretty and there were some we have not seen before. It has rain a lot this year and that made the flowers come out in full force. It is beautiful in Denali National Park and now that summer has arrived it is so full of color. WE LOVE IT HERE.

Old Mother Moose

This is a picture of our collar moose. She has been coming into Riley Creek campground the whole time that we have been coming here. According to our animal biologist she has been coming here all her adult life and he says she is older than he is (of course that is moose years not human). This year she came with her yearling and did not have a calf so when she left the yearling was still with her. This is the 1st summer she has not gave birth so she must be pass her reproducing years. It was good to see her but am glad she only stayed a day or two because if you all remember she is the one that put Dennis behind a tree and keep him there for about 45 minutes.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I start this project 2 years ago and finished it today. It is Dennis's family crest and it is cross stitched. Now I need to see how I am going to frame it and take it back to Texas and hang it in our new park model. I thought I would never finish it maybe I should party to celebrate.

Cabin Night 2010

We went to employee's night at Cabin Night. They feed you really well, Salmon, Ribs, Fish and more it is all good and delicious. Then they put on a show. As the pictures tell Gene made friends with one of the girls and we all had a good laugh and a good time.

Mama moose

You can tell it is spring when the mother moose come to Riley Creek and have their calfs. We have two mothers these are pictures of just one. Our new co workers got their first really good look at her as you can see, she was close enough to look in their trailer window. The wildlife in Denali is the whole bases to the park and everyone enjoys them so much. Well not everyone. As you all might have seen (or might not) on TV we had a grizzle bear killed a few days ago. Yes our oh so smart Congress passed a law that you can carry guns in the National Park now, not discharge it just carry it. Well we had a backpacker decided he could so he would. A bear came out of the brush and he shot it 9 times. There has not been a bear killed in Denali that anyone can remember but this guy has changed all that. I always thought backpackers knew how to enjoy nature and knew how to avoid a conflict with wild life. Must be not all backpackers love nature, and for God sake this is a Wildlife Preserve!!!!!!!!!!!!!