Monday, June 29, 2009


The host at Savage River campground took this picture. This Lynx has been hanging out at Savage River campground, there seem to be an over abundance of snowshoe hares out there this year and that is what the Lynx likes to eat.
Also an update on our Mother moose and calf that the dog chased off awhile back. She was seen a few days ago walking on the path by our Motor Home and she had her calf with her. That is a good ending to a bad story, but we were very excited to see her and the calf.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More unusual RV's

Here is another example of an RV from oversea.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Different flowers

We have been seeing different types of flowers this year in Riley Creek besides the normal one. These are a few of them. They are Large flowered Wintergreens, Mountain Avens, and Labrador Lousewort.

Riley Creek

We took a walk down by Riley Creek (this is the creek the campground is named after) the other day and seen all the damage caused by the ice. The creek frozen this winter and when it thaws the ice comes down the creek and up on the banks. It broke and push over alot of the young trees on the bank.

Fancy "C" Class

A couple from Connecticut came into Riley Creek with their custom made "C" Class MotorHome. It was build on a semi-tractor, it even had a glide out. Like I stated before we get all kinds of RV's in the campground and that is one of the things that makes working here so interesting.

Unusual RV's

We get all different kinds of RV's in Riley Creek campground. This unit came from Germany and this is the family the collared moose charged while they were eating at their picnic table.

Collared Moose

The collared mother moose has come back to Riley Creek with her calf. This year she has only one baby and seem to be alittle quieter than 2 seasons ago. Although we have had two cases where she has gone after guest. One of these was a German couple and their son were sitting at their picnic table eating their dinner and she charged them. The other guests were teenage girls walking down the path to go to the Mercantile for a shower and she chase them for a distant. The calf looks to be good size and we are hoping that she decides to go out back really soon.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Update on moose

If you have been following our blog you know we had a mother moose and her new calf in the campground. They were here for about a month and then a couple of days after I took these pictures we had a event that should of not happen. But not all our guest are smart when it comes to the wildlife. One of the guest open his rig door and turned his dog out, the bad thing was the mother and her calf were on their site. First of all the dog should of been tied up but was not so it decided it should chase the moose. It was a small dog and is lucky the moose did not kill it but the dog did manage to scare the mother and calf. The mother went one way and the baby went another. She spend some time looking for the calf and we really do not know if she found it but we are pretty sure that she did as we never hear the calf crying for its mother. The really bad part is the mother and calf are both gone and now the rest of our guest can not enjoy seeing a moose in the campground. Some people just ruin it for others!!!!!!!!!!!

Hard day at work (HA HA)

We have signs on the picnic tables that tell people about not feeding wild life and to pick up their food and grills and stoves and ice chest and other items to keep the wild life from coming into Riley campground. Our guest sometime put their grills on top of these signs and because they are plastic they melt. So we have been going around and replacing them so they are readable.

New site signs

We have new sign in the campground. We have always had walkin tent sites but then we had regular site for RV's the only difference is that we had some site that were designed for the bigger rigs, even tho they all cost $20. We spend half our time trying to explain to people that they needed to move off a 31 foot site because they were not assigned that type of site. This year ( in part thanks to the host) we have "A" sites "B" sites and "C" sites. The "A" site are for the bigger rigs and cost $28, the "B" sites are average RV site and cost $22, and the "C" sites are for the walkin tents and cost $14. This had made a big difference and everyone seems to understand where they belong and we do not spend as much time moving people off the wrong site.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Denali is alive

The flowers are in bloom everywhere you look and they are beautiful. The arctic alpines and the bluebells are everywhere in the Riley Creek campground. The other day we took a walk up the Savage River trail and seen windflowers, arctic sandwort, eskimo potato and also an arctic ground squirrel. The fireweed is starting to bloom too and will soon be everywhere you look. This is the first year we have seen this many flowers, they think it is because it is so warm here and so dry. We also are experiencing some wild fires here in Alaska and the smoke is filtering in to Denali.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Flowers in bloom

The Artic Lupine and the Bluebells are in bloom all over Riley Creek campground. It is really beginning to look like spring and it is beautiful here.