Thursday, July 30, 2009

Alittle sunset

It is starting to get some what dark here at night and so now we get alittle bit of sunset. The weather keeps changing but mostly it has been nice. It is cloud today and alittle rain but the bad part is that it has blown all the smoke back in to Denali for all the wildfires we are having. We are going to take the Motor Home and go to the Tek campground whick is back at Mile 30 and stay there on our next 4 days off (Aug 5 - Aug 8). We will be like all the other guest with no hook ups but they say you see more wildlife out there. We really hope so altho we do not care to see any female moose. Maybe we will be able to see the wolves out there. It will be nice to be one of the guest and not have to answer any questions or give out any information, it will be like a vacation. Am looking forward to the end of the season and the trip home. It has been a good year and we do so enjoy Denali National Park and Riley Creek campground but will be nice to get back to Texas and settle down for the winter. Hope we do not see any snow before we leave but am sure we will.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

All kinda RV's

We get all kinds of RV's in the campground. This one is an old school bus remodeled into an RV. It was from Kansas.

Guest with sense of humor

Riley Creek is a no hook up campgrounds. There is no water, no electric. But some guest like this one has a sense of humor about this. They brought their own. (This is really just a fake one that the guest put up to fool everyone else.) Pretty good joke would you not say.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Here are two pictures of Mount McKinley. One was taken in May and was as clear as could be. The other pictures was taken today and with all the wildfires in Fairbanks and area the Denali area is cover in smoke. The winds have brought all the smoke into our area. There are some fires in the very back country of the Denali National Park but they are no threat here at the campground. The rule of thumb for the National Park service is that if there are no threat to humans or building they do not put out the fires. They say the fires out back should be out in October some time, meaning they hope the snow puts it out.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mariah update

Mariah is feeling some what better. As you can see she is laying outside more and even has showed interest in a raw hide bone. She still has puffy ears and her eyes still are running some but all and all she is feeling better. (I think she wishes she could have more than chicken and rice.)

Dennis at play

It has been really hot and dusty here so Dennis has taken to water the road. Of course part of it is that he just like to play in the water. It really does help tho as we seem to have dust every where. Even the guest are complaining loudly and we have been passing out alot of complain cards which goes to the Superintendent of Denali. It is so different this year as it is hot and sunny most of the time. Of course last year when the grandkids were here it seem to rain everyday. Oh well that life I guess.

Nice living

When we went for a ride on Stampade Trail we came across this house. Pretty nice huh?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Fireweed in bloom

On our trip to the Stampade Trail we seen that the Fireweed and the Alaska Cotton Grass was in full bloom. It was just beautiful all along the road side.

Diamond Willows

We drove out to Stampade Trail today looking for some good size Diamond Willows. We found three of them, this is rare as the moose love to eat the willow and they usually chew down to the bottom. Dennis will stripe the bark off of them and when they dry he will begin working on them and before long they will look great. We are talking about building a deck this fall and winter and these will make great post.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Some of you may know that Mariah has been sick for over a month now. Took her to the Vet in Cantwell and she thinks maybe she is allergic to her food. So for two weeks now she has been eating nothing but rice and chicken. She is not throwing up near as much but she still is throwing up some. This has been an on going problem for 4 years now and no one seems to be able to pin point the exact problem. We took her on our drive today and she got out and ran around alittle bit so today was a goood day.

Great sights

We went for a drive today as it was 75 degress here in Denali and for Alaska that is very hot. We went to the road back into the Black Diamond Resort, where there is a lake. We spotted this mother moose and her calf crossing the lake. Sorry if the pictures are not so good but she was a good distant from us. We did get a picture of her turning and looking straight at us and that was cool.