Saturday, June 11, 2011

Swan Lake

We have a pair of Swans and their babies on the lake. The other day they came up by the shore and we got close enough to get these great pictures. They are not moose but they are pretty great and now you know why they call it Swan Lake.

Lazy day

We do get time off and here is Dennis & Jack enjoying their time off by enjoying my swing. Jack has gotten really big but still thinks he can sit in the swing or on Dennis lap in the chair inside the Motor Home.

Sand art

A couple of weeks ago one of our guest and his granddaughter created these sand art on the beach. The grandkids were here for a visit and really liked the gator and the turtle.

Memorial weekend

Memorial weekend was full and it had rained for several days so we had to be creative and put tents where it was dryer. Everyone had a good time and most did not seem to worry about the rain. The docks are looking great and everyone is enjoying them.

Baltimore Orioles

We have Baltimore Oriole's in the campground and our co worker gave us this feeder. I had not seen a Oriole in years and really enjoy watching them at the feeder.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pontoon boat

First I must say I am sorry for not posting anything for so long. We have been busy. We are enjoying Giles campground so very much and it is great to be on this beautiful lake that Dennis went out and purchase a pontoon boat. We have been out several times and the grandkids are really enjoying it.