Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall & closing

You know fall is here and it close to closing the gates at the campground when the docks are taken out of the lake.

Trick or treat

The kids also went trailer to trailer to trick or treat, even the boss got dressed up as a werewolf and went out to scare the kids. Everyone had a very good day.

Hay Ride

Saturday we also had a hay ride for the kids, as you can see I got picked to drive the wagaon around the park. They had fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Craving pumpkins

On Saturday the 22nd we had halloween at Giles, one of the activities was craving pumpkins. The kids had a good time and all the pumpkins were great. I craved Eeyore.

Swans at sunrise

These are pictures I took one morning at sun rise. These are the parent swans and 4 of their children. They had 5 at the beginning of the summer and all 5 lived. Where the 5th child is here I do not know but we had not seen the children in a couple of weeks, just the parent. It was great to see most of them together again and really great it was at sun rise.

Sunset at Giles Campground

Sunsets at Giles, there beautiful!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Water lines to replace

Dennis and Bruce Covault (one of the seasonal) used a trencher today and dug a trench to replace a water line that has been leaking. It was hard work but much better than digging with a shovel.

October is here

October has arrived and the other co-managers have left the campground. Now is the time to get all the work done we could not do this summer when all the seasonal were here. One of the jobs to complete is painting the restrooms. Started with restroom #1 and then on to restroom #3. It took two days to get both painted and to get restroom #1 put back together but OMG it looks great. Tomorrow I will put #3 back together and Dennis will get the door done and the frame and then we can move on to the other two. Lots of hard work but we are loving our summer and fall at Giles campground and are going to miss all the seasonals this winter.