Friday, May 6, 2011

The summer begins

We arrived in Allegan on April 21st and begin our new jobs with Giles Campground. The experience began with us getting stuck trying to get into to our new site but as you all know about Dennis we got it in and settled for the summer. The reason we got stuck was because it had been raining and continued to rain for another week to 10 days after we arrived. But we have begun our jobs and as you can see the big project was to get the docks put together and into the water. These are brand new docks and it was a learning process for all of us involved. David our son came out to help and of course Dennis and our co-manager Steve (whom we will work with all summer), also included was Art (the owner and his brother Richard). We may have started out not know how these docks went together but we got them there and into the water. It is a beautiful lake (Swan Lake) and it is a beautiful campground. It is well keep up and clean and I think this is going to be a GREAT summer. Will do my best to keep the blog up and lots of pictures. P.S. Jack loves it here too.